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" /> Jump Start Services Minneapolis - Fast and Reliable! ( 651) 362-0491
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Jump Start Services Minneapolis - Sellers Wrecker Services and Jumpstart Car Services - Technician Helping Stranded Passenger

Jump Start Services Minneapolis - Your #1 Choice for Roadside Assistance!

It’s no fun to be stranded on the side of the road thinking, “Great! I don’t have the time or the money for this! Now what?” Or worse, to come out first thing in the morning ready for work, to find out that your battery was left on all night. As a full-service emergency services company, we understand exactly how that feels. We’ve all had to deal with that ourselves at some point. That’s why, at Sellers Wrecker Services and Jump Start Car Services, we keep our prices very competitive. In fact, if you ask our customers, they will tell you that we are the best Towing and Jump Start Services Minneapolis has to offer for several reasons. 

Why Choose Us for Auto Jump Start Services

Aside from our years of experience and the massive service area we cover, our customers love us for our level of professionalism. We uphold the highest standards of customer service, and we care about our customers. When you call on us, our main goal is getting you back on the road as fast as possible. Here are some of the main reasons why we are quickly becoming one of Minnesota’s favorite emergency roadside services companies

Our Highly Skilled Technicians

Unfortunate circumstances happen to the best of us. When you are faced with a dead battery, there could be a number of things causing the problem. Whether a cable has come loose, or you don’t have a powerful enough source to start your car… Our highly skilled technicians have a sound understanding of the electrochemical reactions that make a battery function properly. That means that they will always know exactly what to do. A lot of times, the battery is just too cold, and too drained to take a charge. At Sellers Wrecker Services, we make it a point to hire highly skilled drivers. We do that so that they can quickly and properly handle the problem using the proper techniques in every situation. We also make it a point to hire techs that are that are from the area, so that they can get to you quickly, and get you back on the road fast!

Our Service Area

Another reason our customers love us is that we are from the area. We know our way around the Minneapolis area because we drive here every day. So when your car decides to put your nerves through the wringer, you have a friend to come help you out! We have friendly staff on hand to take your calls 24/7, 365 days a year waiting to take your call!

Our Level Of Integrity

We get compliments all the time on our ability to deliver fast, dependable service. And to be perfectly honest, this is because we put our money in the right places. Our trucks are equipped with the right equipment to do all of the jobs that we get called on for. Whether you need a truck capable of heavy-duty towing, or one equipped with motorcycle towing equipment, we’ve got you covered!.. We have all  of the equipment needed on hand to get the job done safely and effectively, every time.

Jump Start Services Minneapolis - Final Thoughts
Bottom line… We care a lot about our customers, and we strive hard to build long-lasting relationships and word of mouth customer referrals. If you encounter any problems that require emergency roadside assistance in the Greater Minneapolis area… You can count on Sellers Wrecker Services and Jump Start Car Services to get you back on the road quick, safely, and effectively. (And without breaking the bank!)
Write our number down and stcik it in your glove compatment or somewhere where you can’t lose it. The next time circumstances try to get the best of you… Just remember that that’s what we are here for! Our freindly staff members are on hand 24/7 waiting for your call! Let us show you why so many people have come to depend on us for jump start services in Minneapolis.

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Jump start car services & Emergency Fuel Delivery

Towing services in New Brighton Minnesota near Saint Paul & Minneapolis, Minnesota can offer dependable tow trucks and towing features for vehicles such as motorcycles, RVs, modified vehicles and even large trucks.

local towing service dedicated to providing 24 hours professional towing , jump start, fuel delivery and junk car removal services in and around 35W, New Brighton MN , Minneapolis and Saint Paul Minnesota.


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  • Phone:
    (651) 401-5497
  • Address:
    80 S 8th St #900
  • Minneapolis, MN 55402

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