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It’s Gonna Blow: What to Know About Tire Blowouts and How to Prevent Them

Few things are as scary when you’re driving than having your tire blow out. Tire blowouts can be deadly, so it’s important to know how to prevent them from happening and what to do if they occur. With the following safety tips about preparedness, prevention, and how to keep relatively calm if it happens to you, you can get through it safe and sound. 

How it Happens

Blow out accidents occur when a tire bursts due to an air pressure problem that has developed over time. Summertime is common for blowouts to happen, most often between the months of May and October. Much of that time is when people are traveling and driving more than usual. Blowouts also occur more often in states where temperatures are hotter for longer periods of time. Long hours on the road combined with soaring temperatures wreak havoc on tires, particularly those with low air pressure and not enough tread. A bad tire situation could have developed without you even knowing it until you’re speeding down the freeway and your tire explodes.

What to Do

If you’re in the middle of a blowout, you will probably be having a hard time collecting your wits. Prepare yourself ahead of time for the unlikely but possible event that a tire does blow out. What do you do? Hold on tight to the steering wheel for starters, and resist the urge to put on the brakes. Keep your foot off the gas, and try to navigate the steering to keep your vehicle from veering off into traffic or off the road. That said, you do want to get to the side of the road safely. When your car is close to stopping, it will be safe for you to put on the brakes a little bit. As gently as you can steer your vehicle off the roadway and come to a stop, safely get out of the way of other vehicles. Then breathe. Finally, you can call your road service if you’re too shaken up to change your tire.


Unexpected RV blowouts are one of the biggest casualties of summer travel. Not only are the RV regulars on the road, but also all of the people who are traveling in RVs during their summer vacations are on the road. The causes of blowouts in regular vehicles are compounded by the size and weight of an RV. Whether you’re driving a large vehicle or a small car, make sure your tires are inflated to the correct pressure and that you have adequate tread before you leave on your trip. Check both periodically. It’s not such a worry for a car, but when you’re traveling in an RV, make sure to stay within the load weight limit. The undue stress of extra weight could hasten a potential blowout.

Unexpected things happen when you’re on the road. An animal could leap out in front of you, you could narrowly miss being rear-ended by a semi, or one of your tires could have a blowout. The more prepared you can be, the safer you will travel.

If you’re on the road and your tire blows out, we can help you get back on the road. Contact us today for a free repair quote!

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