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How To Jump Start a Car

Being stranded in the road due to battery is not a situation for motorists. And if you have been there, chances are it can happen to you again. If you’re the type who relied to jump start the vehicle for you could be now is the time.

Learn how to jump start the vehicle yourself with these simple steps.1. Get things ready. To jump begin the car, you need a car that has a battery with voltage because the car battery, safety glasses and jumper cables.

Even though not mandatory, you might use a wire brush along with rubber gloves.2. 

Check the battery. Batteries have solution. Look at this: do not skip booting if the battery is frozen or do not jump begin batteries. It might cause the battery to explode. You can check if the solution is by frozen or not taking the vent caps in some batteries away.

And if the casing of the battery is cracked from by you, don’t jump it up. Instead, buy a brand new one.3. Make sure that the batteries of the two vehicles have equal voltage. Ensure that the two vehicles are not touching each other and each ignition is off.4. Study the battery. 

A battery has two poles. One should be marked as positive and the other end is negative. You may actually tell that’s the positive terminal because often times it comes together with a cover along with a clump of cables whilst the unwanted one comes exposed with just one black cable.5. Attach cables in a certain order.

Using 1 of the cables, connect 1 end of it into the pole of the battery that is dead whereas another stage of that cable should be attached to the positive pole of the vehicle. Using another cable, connect 1 end of it into the beginning vehicle’s negative terminal whilst those other end is attached to those car with dead battery, especially to its engine block.6.

Get ready and stand off from the hood of the cars. Put away cigarettes if you are smoking. Always put on safety glasses because you do that. Get the car with the functioning battery started.7.

Leave it for five minutes. Then start the car which wasn’t starting. If ever it doesn’t work, wait a little longer before doing it again. However if still it’s not going to start, it is time into call for a tow truck.8.

Take off all the connections in reverse order whenever you attached them.

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