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Commonly Recalled Car Parts That Impact Your Safety

Although it’s commonly thought that car part recalls are caught in time, the unfortunate fact is that thousands of lives are lost between the time the issue is caught and the actual recall. Therefore, the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act was implemented to have the authority to protect consumers and force motor companies to recall their unsafe parts. So, as a consumer, what type of parts affect you the most? The following list entails some of the most commonly recalled vehicle parts that could impact your safety.

Seat Belts

As an unknown law enforcement officers once said, “I’ve never unbuckled a dead man.” This is a good indication of how crucial not only a seat belt but the whole mechanism is for the safety of all car passengers. According to Auto Blog, one of the most common flaws to be found within this area is seat belt pretensioners. If not designed or adequately installed, they can place consumers in a very dangerous situation.

Steering Wheel

When it comes to being proactive during dangerous situations, a steering wheel is one tool you’ll need to accomplish this. A faulty steering wheel might not seem off during normal everyday driving, but these issues only tend to arise when the steering wheel is put through drastic abuse. Unfortunately, a mistake in the installation of the steering wheel is only discovered when people are trying to avoid obstacles on the road and even another car.


Having your engine die on you and bring you to a screeching halt doesn’t seem too dangerous right? Yes, it may be frustrating and costly, but it can also threaten the safety of your family. A defective engine may produce a sudden fire that can quickly engulf your vehicle. Although a sole person can quickly escape, it can be very difficult to do so when you have multiple people in the car, including children. An excellent way to understand if your engine is having problems is to see if it’s consuming excessive oil, making knocking or tapping sounds and having an excessive amount of smoke coming from your tailpipe.


Brakes are another part that may not show that they are faulty until it’s too late. Once you find out that you have faulty brakes, you’ll want to get them checked out right away. The issues regarding faulty brakes can fall under any area of the part but are most prominent in the assist systems connected to them. You may even take them in for repairs without really knowing the issue all while spending hundreds of dollars in the process. According to Advance Auto Parts, you should educate yourself on what some symptoms of bad brake pads are so you can recognize when there’s a problem. 


Over the year’s airbags have quickly become a symbol of safety right up there with the seatbelt. However, it only takes a little research to learn some of the horrific instances consumers have had with faulty airbags. Grant it; airbags have saved countless lives over the device’s lifetime. In some instances, an airbag can even go off prematurely. This often happens due to a faulty triggering mechanism that may go off with the slightest bump to the vehicle. According to Martinez & Schill, manufacturers can be held liable regardless if they were aware of the issue.
Manufacturers try their best to make sure that safe vehicles are rolled out into dealerships across the country but should also remind us that no process is perfect. Understanding the most common parts that may be recalled call provide consumers with the right knowledge to take proactive measures and protect themselves from dangerous situations. Don’t ignore the letters in the mail about recalls for your vehicle. It could save you from getting into an accident.

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